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Ecologic 3R Ambalaje SA is the oldest Romanian Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO). We have been in the waste management business longer than any of our competitors, and we have accumulated expertise that gives us the edge of flexibility, creativity and - most of all - reliability

We have a team of well seasoned experts in the management of waste and we operate a 3,500+ base of contracts with nationally spread producers and importers in all fields of activity. We take pride in being the first PRO introducing an online-based operating system for the management of documents related to our activity. We also believe in stable, organic growth of our business and we fully support transparency and full accountability in our business partnerships. We only work with the best and the most reliable entities, in a fully transparent business model. We are also a solid well respected member of the waste management community, and a steady partner for the authorities in developing the legal base for the waste management industry. We have actively taken part in numerous work groups and conferences of parties and significantly contributed in shaping the current business environment. We believe that only by active participation in the life of the community and sharing in the responsibilities we can make progress happen.

Our Mission is to become the best solution for our clients’ needs in terms of waste management obligations under the law. Our Vision is to be a constant contributor to a business environment that takes care of its own, the greater community and the environment per se We have held numerous social awareness campaigns aiming at rendering Romanians conscious of the selective collection of waste, having in mid the greater good of the community. Our latest communication effort is addressing the youth of the country. By partnering with one of the best known Romanian rally pilot, we jointly promote the values of courage and responsibility, speed and reliability – all in the name of a good cause – the preservation of the environment.

We care about our youth because they are the future, and we want them to be involved in the common effort of circular economy.