Our history

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Our company was founded in 2005, and we are the proud receivers of operating license no.1 in the industry in 2006. We have grown from 6 contracts in our first year to over 5,000 clients in 2014, currently stabilizing at a solid 3,600 long-term business partners.

We take pride in the fact that we have a 95% retention of clients, while 50% of them still are the ones from the beginning of our activity. Speaking in volumes, we have peaked at approximately 200,000 tons/annually in 2014, and we stabilized at a steady 100,000 tons per year at the time being.

We see the future of our business through the lens of growing consumption rate of goods, and we understand our role in helping society deal with waste under the highest legal standards existing. We consequently put a major stress on the necessity of traceability for the waste management chain, and we advocate for it with the authorities and our business partners as well. We believe that the current technological progress is on our side and it should bring us the benefit of ensuring 100% transparency of our operations. In this respect, we have developed our own integrated online solution for tracking and tracing the entire waste management cycle we are responsible for.